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Android Homme

Android Homme Sneakers - luxury streetwear

Android's luxury streetwear range is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, these superb sneakers will complete your look.


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Android Homme

Discover the golden ratio


Perfectly balanced, Android Homme sneakers take inspiration from the golden ratio to give you the perfect blend of style, sophistication and comfort. The Android Homme range pays homage to all things technical while retaining a sense of luxury that makes this collection unique to its peers. From the raw materials employed in every piece, to the painstaking production methods, Android Homme excels in delivering luxury footwear that doesn't compromise on the finer details.


The ultimate accessories


By choosing Android Homme sneakers, you are investing in a truly well-made piece of footwear. From the superior materials used to construct each shoe to their flawless finishing, these shoes will remain a staple of your wardrobe without sacrificing the level of luxury they offer.

The Android Homme sneakers collection takes inspiration from athletic and technical designs to produce pieces that will turn heads and win you compliments wherever you go.

Whether you're looking for classic leather sneakers or more contemporary, modern styles, the brand combines timeless appeal with cutting-edge fashion to provide you with a selection of ultimate accessories.


Wear superior craftsmanship


Android Homme sneakers blend the finest technical designs and premium materials for a level of quality that competes with even the highest-end luxury brands.

The Android Homme range combines sportswear influence with luxurious fabrics and other materials to create a collection of footwear that combines the best aspects of both fashion and function.


Experience luxury at its finest


Crafted using only the highest quality materials, Android Homme sneakers are the ultimate symbol of superior quality and fashion-forward innovation. The collection takes inspiration from high-end athletic shoes to provide you with a selection of versatile items that will improve every aspect of your wardrobe. Shop the brand on our website and discover fast international shipping throughout Canada.