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Psycho Bunny

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Looking for something unique and stylish? Discover Psycho Bunny with Mainline Menswear. With a range of playful, eye-catching designs, you're sure to find something you love.

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Psycho Bunny

The famous Psycho Bunny logo


The branding on all of Psycho Bunny's clothing is distinctive, it's the famous bunny skull and crossbones logo. The clothing itself is equally unique, but you'll have to discover that for yourself! The Psycho Bunny logo is made up of a rabbit skull. Its cheeky grin is filled with sharp, glinting teeth. It's hard to take your eyes off it! The rabbit symbol ties together the label's menswear collection.


So what does Psycho Bunny mean?


The name Psycho Bunny came from a sketch on a napkin drawn by Robert Godley. Their aim was to create a range of clothing that blended traditional 'maritime marauder' style with a modern attitude - and we think they've managed that! There are some awesome Psycho Bunny T shirts with slogans. Other designs are more pretty than psycho! There are cute bunny rabbits in bowties, top hats and double breasted suits looking cool as ice!


Psycho Bunny is famed for its playful prints


The Psycho Bunny range brings together classic style and contemporary designs. This brand is all about attention to detail and bringing unique and fun prints onto clothing for men, like a plain white tee. There are also polo shirts and sweatshirts. It's clear there's none of that stuffiness many other brands try to capture; it's just cool designs, straight up.


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