boat shoes

Designer boat shoes look great with any outfit

Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe? With a range of colors and styles, these in fashion shoes will have you looking stylish on any occasion.

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boat shoes

Slip on shoes from top brands


When the occasion calls for something more than sneakers, look to leather boat shoes for a touch of sophistication. The slip-on design, combined with an easy-to-wear silhouette means that you can wear boat shoes with practically any outfit. The designs are typically characterized by their two most distinctive traits: the shape of the upper and the material of which they are made.

Designed in a range of materials, including canvas, leather, suede and nubuck, there's plenty of choice. Their heels vary from flat to high-heeled with rubber outsoles for added comfort on dry land or at sea. With a selection from huge designers like Ralph Lauren and GH Bass, you'll find the right pair with Mainline Menswear.

The boat shoe is designed with special construction, which adds grip for sailors to climb the ropes on ships. The traditional silhouette consists of a round-toe front and sides without any stitching or seams, so as not to damage the rope during climbing. Authentic boat shoes also come with rubber outsoles and either laces or a double strap.

The boat shoe incorporates the comfort features of more casual styles with elevated styling, which means you can wear them practically anywhere. The see accessories are a laid-back choice for those who prefer clean and classic looks during their downtime, but it is also versatile enough to be worn on formal occasions.

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