Mens designer loafers from featured designers

Not just any shoes, these are men's loafers from some of the biggest brands out there. Check out our latest releases and you're sure to find a pair that will fit your style and wardrobe perfectly.

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Men's designer loafers


Loafers for men can be worn for a special occasion or a casual day out. The slip-on style makes them perfect for going sockless in warm weather. They are versatile and perfect for smart occasions, but also easy to put on when you're in a hurry. Whatever your style, we have a shoe to suit you.


Penny loafers


Originally known as penny loafers due to their resemblance to coins, loafers are slightly rounded at the tip and feature decorative perforations. A classic addition to any outfit, this iconic design is now available in a range of colours and materials.


Tassel loafers


Designed in the 1930s by Yves Saint Laurent, tassel loafers are sandals with leather thongs. This updated version features a twist on the original, tying at the side of the ankle rather than hanging loose. Like the penny variant, this style is made from soft suede or leather and features decorative stitching.


Slip-on shoes


The slip-on loafer is a comfortable shoe with a flat sole, rounded tips and an elastic gusset on either side. Leather shoes such as these pair well with chinos or cotton shorts in the summertime. Slip-ons also make it easy to get dressed quickly when you are running late for work.