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This versatile and stylish shoe really does go with everything. Why not add a pair of Chelsea boots to your wardrobe with fast international delivery.

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chelsea boots

Mens Chelsea boots


The original accessories for men with style, the Chelsea boot is also known as the Chukka boot or Desert Boot. The comfortable height and casual look of this boot suit a range of uses so why not add some to your wardrobe today?



The history of the Chelsea boot


The style dates to World War II when they were worn by British officers in Cairo. The boots used to easily slip on and off so it allowed men to wear them at social events whilst still wearing their uniforms. Following this, they gained popularity in 1960’s London with mods and then in the 1990s, with the grunge movement.

Today, they are worn all year round and many men wear them to work, whether that’s in an office environment or on building sites. They are suitable for people of all ages and can be worn with any outfit!


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