Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles - contemporary outdoor wear that’s built to last

Moose Knuckles make products for the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter – from hand-knit socks and scarves to insulated boots and parkas, this gear is designed for cold weather use. Get fast shipping throughout Canada!

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Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles


Founded in 1921 by an avid fisherman who wanted a vest he could wear to fish all day without overheating, Moose Knuckles' philosophy is founded on the idea of function and simplicity - no heavy pockets, unnecessary bells and whistles - just the things you need. The brand makes everything from their own designs using quality materials sourced right here in Canada.


A lifestyle brand


Today, Moose Knuckles is more than just vests and jackets; it's also a lifestyle brand that carries everything from hats and gloves to perfume and sunglasses. For those looking to update their winter wardrobe with a fresh coat or parka, look no further than Moose Knuckles' selection of men's garments. These pieces are built tough and designed for the long haul so they can be sure to stand up against even your most demanding needs while staying stylish as ever in all kinds of weather conditions!


Ideal outerwear for fashion-conscious men


Moose knuckles hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories provide the a fantastic outerwear option for fashionable men who want to look good and stay warm but without sacrificing any comfort or functionality. From lightweight puffers and parkas to bombers and bombers, these pieces will see you through all kinds of weather in style. Find your new favorite outfit with Moose Knuckles!


Moose knuckles accessories


When you need to keep warm, you need the right kind of accessories to go with your new Moose Knuckles coat or jacket. Don’t forget about insulated gloves, scarves and hats. This brand knows that when you bundle up, you look good no matter what you're doing, whether it's snowmobiling in Alberta or shopping for groceries at your local store.

When you want to look good and feel your best, Moose Knuckles will help you stay warm in the harshest cold season. Offering everything from men's boots and hats to winter jackets and T shirts, this lifestyle brand is all about function, comfort and style.


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