Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries

United States military inspired clothing from Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries are the leading supplier of clothing inspired by the US military. The range of products includes jackets, trousers, shirts, and more, all of which are made to the highest quality standards.

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Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries jackets & outerwear


Famous for flight jackets, bomber jackets and Air Force style clothing, Alpha Industries pays attention to the small details in making a great military-inspired jacket. Alpha Industries initially started out as a contractor to the Department of Defense but they quickly became famous for their MA-1 jacket, later becoming the most popular supplier for fighter pilots during the Vietnam War.

Every Alpha Industries jacket features the same innovation and technology developed over the years that the company has provided for the army, refined for civilians and the commercial market. The famous logo emblazoned on all Alpha's garments is instantly recognizable and embodies the history of the business.


Alpha Industries shirts & pants


In addition to clothing jackets, Alpa Industries make some of the best military-style clothing in the world, including shirts and trousers. Ideal for cold weather, the brand also produce items, such as desert combat trousers, which are designed for hot climates thanks to the high-quality cotton materials Alpha Industries use. Whether you're looking for warm winter clothes and accessories, or something cool for summer, we've got you covered.

Alpha Industries is known for its high-quality clothes for men that are built to last. Perhaps the biggest strength of this brand however is the diversity it offers- every man can find a great jacket, trousers or shirt in every size, fit, cut and color.


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