Made from the finest leathers


Grenson footwear is handmade from the finest leather. It's a process that has been honed for more than 100 years, with skills passed down from master craftsmen to apprentices over generations. Grenson is one of the few remaining shoe manufacturers in England that creates footwear through a meticulous hand-crafting process. The result is unmistakable quality.

You'll be able to tell immediately that this is no ordinary shoe. Craftsmen have fine-tuned the shape, cut and fit by hand using traditional methods. Real attention to detail has been taken for each pair of Grenson shoes - from the stitching on the outsole right through to the finishing touches.


Goodyear welting construction method


This specialized method of shoe construction ensures the highest quality of Grenson shoes. For more than 200 years, this method has been synonymous with strength and durability. The process begins by cutting leather straight from the back of the hide so that it's thickest in all the right places - on either side of the welt. The front is then shaved down to reduce thickness and waxed to soften the surface.

The leather is stitched around the welt with strong string (that's almost double the width of a traditional shoelace) and then turned inside out. A rubber ring - called a welting - is sewn onto the inner, creating an airtight seal that prevents water from getting in. It is then turned back out and the sole is attached using glue and nails. It is dried for about a day before the upper part of the shoe is put on again so that the welting can be stitched down.