Nudie jeans are world famous

Nudie crafts high quality designer jeans and clothing from organic cotton and raw untreated denim. The finished product is entirely unique. Experience Nudie jeans!

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Nudie jeans


Designed to last, Nudie offers customers durability and style. Nudie jeans are made from organically cultivated cotton. The cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, artificial coloring or bleaching processes. The result is pure softness and strength in the fabric. Nudie's philosophy is to show off these attractive properties in their product by using untreated fabrics when developing new styles.

Nudie denim jeans are designed with a classic look and feel for those who want to develop their own style as they wear them. Nudie has been crafting jeans since 1997. In 2006 they started producing organic cotton jeans in Turkey and Portugal.


A family business


It all started when owner and co-founder Maria Erixon discovered that the majority of designer jeans sold at department stores contained harmful chemicals. She decided to start her own brand of clothing with an emphasis on quality, durability and style. Her family business Nudie was founded in 2001.

In 2008, Maria's daughter Elin Erixon joined the company as a partner to help develop the younger demographic that is drawn to the brand's key values of sustainability and organic cotton clothing. Today, the head office of Nudie is still located in the same small town outside Stockholm where it all began.


Free repairs


Nudie offer unparalleled customer service and even promise to repair your jeans free of charge, no matter how old they are, or where you bought them from! Not many designers offer such a complete service. Nudie jeans may be the world's most sustainable designer jeans.


The Nudie Jeans company is working to make a difference in the textile industry by making clothing out of organic materials. The organic fabric uses less water during manufacturing, reducing pollution caused by waste runoff into rivers and oceans. Fewer pesticides are used in growing organic cotton, reducing soil contamination and greenhouse-gas emissions. Compared to conventionally grown cotton, it generates nearly 70 percent less toxic compounds in the air and water. Organically grown cotton also requires no fertilizers or pesticides, decreasing the number of chemicals that end up in waterways where they can cause problems for aquatic life.


Nudie also design a range of non-denim clothing from T shirts to sweaters, hoodies and jackets. Express your individuality with Nudie and Mainline Menswear. W offer fast shipping throughout Canada.

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