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On Running shoes - performance footwear

Specializing in high-quality running shoes and workout wear, On Running is a brand that inspires dedication and comfort. The collection was created to offer runners a shoe that would deliver superior lightweight mobility without sacrificing cushioning.

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On Running

Trail running shoes designed for athletes


Trail runners need a lightweight shoe with arch support and a soft landing. The On Running running shoe gives exactly that. The zero gravity foam provides just enough cushioning while remaining extremely lightweight. The secure fit will give you that all-important cushioned landing while keeping your feet cool, unlike other running shoes. Equally suited to road running, the Cloudflow shoes from On Running will be ideal for short runs, long runs or even marathon distances.


Tailored for forefoot running


For athletes who like to run on their forefeet, the Cloudventure shoes will be ideal. This style of shoe is particularly advantageous in races such as marathons or half-marathons because it gives you a light and responsive touch on the ground. It also provides extra cushioning and superior push off power which is perfect for most runners. Swap your tennis shoes for highly cushioned running shoes with On Running.


The latest exclusive On Running shoes for men


On Running offers a wide selection of men's shoes and accessories to keep you going throughout your training routine or competition. Having recently expanded its collection, the new arrivals consist of a range of stylish new footwear options including sneakers, T shirts, shorts and more. At Mainline Menswear you can find stylish running shoes that are made of lightweight materials with an excellent fit. Find your new everyday shoe with On Running including the Cloudflow, Cloudsurfer, and Elios shoe at Mainline Menswear.