Vivienne Westwood Jeans

Vivienne Westwood Jeans

Men's Vivienne Westwood Jeans.

Our Vivienne Westwood selection of jeans boosts a large stock including not only jeans, but trousers, jogging bottoms and chinos too.

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Vivienne Westwood Jeans

The jeans come in black and blue and you can choose between the classic tapered look or the Vivienne Westwood drainpipe style. Chinos are available in black or navy, jogging bottoms come in green or navy, with an authentic smudge design. Our selection of suit trousers is also extensive, boosting four colours of green, grey, black and burgundy.. All our trousers come in a range of sizes and are perfect to wear with any outfit. Suit trousers can be worn to work, and both the jeans and chinos also have a smart look you can pull off in the office. They're comfortable and stylish and we guarantee you can find something to suit your every need with the Vivienne Westwood selection of jeans and trousers. .